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Our shop offers cheap International Calling Cards and Prepaid Phone Cards for long distance Phone Calls within and from the United States, Canada and other countries. With faster service and live support we offer you the Best International and Domestic Calling Rates, that are much lower than those of many other long distance service companies.

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Use international calling cards to save more than 90% on your long distance calls! Pay securely online & receive your international calling card immediately. Most competitive international phone card rates in the market, with quality calling cards to and from every destination. Great calling cards to call India (Hyderabad), call USA, call UK, and Call Canada! 200+ international destinations!


International prepaid calling cards are really best way to call in any place of the world! Already today many people buy our cheap prepaid calling cards because it's simple and convenient, it's speedy and cheap! Our shop provides You with the cheap prepaid calling cards for international and domestic use. The greatest advantage of our service is ONLINE purchase and ONLINE instant PIN delivery.

Select, pay and start calling anywhere anytime!

It's cheap - online prepaid calling cards are cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls. Buy cheap calling cards and save your money on long distance calls!

It's fast - You receive PIN number and Access number instantly at any time and any place where You have an access to the Internet. Buy cheap prepaid calling cards on-line!

It's convenient - There is a wide choice of prepaid calling cards in one place, you can find the best offer. Buy cheap international prepaid calling cards and recieve your PIN by e-mail!

Also You can buy Permanent PIN and then refill you card. There are many other features as PIN-free access and balance transfer opportunity. Our calling cards are the best choice for long distance calls!

Searching for a calling card is very easy and speedy process. First way to search a calling card is to click our BEST RATES link (on top of our page). If you know which country you want call to - use our "From" and "To" (on a form on middle of our page). And you can see our rate table and choose the best calling card for your needs.

All verified users receive PIN(s) and all instructions instantly on the screen and a copy to email box. First time buyers may receive request letter for Verification and may be asked to contact Customer Service.


Initiate low-cost international phone calls from a web page! No PIN needed to place a call. No software to download and install.
Send us an SMS text message with a phone number you want to call and we will connect you!
Use Internet connection or any SIP equipment to place worldwide phone calls for less!
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Top PhoneCards.info Customer Testimonials

Been using this cards since November 2010 and it has always worked without fail. Best deal anywhere for calling cell phones in Panama and also landlines. Money is deposited instantly to your account! Always clear,always able to connect, it lets you know how much time you have left when you call. - Ronald

Just a word of thanks for extending my Bizon calling card for another 10 months despite the fact that I ignored the warning back in July! So please accept my thanks and have a great day. - Peter J. R

I am a student here in the United States and call my family back in the Russia. Lucky Minutes calling card Good rates!. - Poluhin

Penny Boss great phone card. I have used this one a lot in the last couple years to call from USA to Canada. A lot of minutes for the price. - Shree N

My sister moved to France about 15 years ago and I used to call her maybe once a year. Since I found your service I talk to her nearly every week. Thank you for reuniting me with my sister. - Bronwyn

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Austria Phone Cards¢ 4.00
Belarus Phone Cards¢ 24.58
Belgium Phone Cards¢ 4.50
Bulgaria Phone Cards¢ 2.00
Denmark Phone Cards¢ 0.88
Estonia Phone Cards¢ 1.95
Germany Phone Cards¢ 0.94
Greece Phone Cards¢ 1.18
France Phone Cards¢ 0.48
Italy Phone Cards¢ 0.78
Latvia Phone Cards¢ 2.08
Lithuania Phone Cards¢ 10.18
Netherlands Phone Cards¢ 1.17
Norway Phone Cards¢ 1.48
Poland - Warsaw Phone Cards¢ 1.01
Portugal Phone Cards¢ 1.08
Russia - Moscow Phone Cards¢ 1.28
Spain Phone Cards¢ 0.78
Sweden Phone Cards¢ 0.78
Switzerland Phone Cards¢ 1.18
UK Phone Cards¢ 0.38
Ukraine - Kiev Phone Cards¢ 12.18
North America
Bahamas Phone Cards¢ 6.38
Canada Phone Cards¢ 0.58
Costa Rica Phone Cards¢ 1.58
Cuba Phone Cards¢ 72.58
Dominican Rep. Phone Cards¢ 2.78
El Salvador Phone Cards¢ 11.08
Jamaica Phone Cards¢ 9.28
Mexico Phone Cards¢ 0.58
Puerto Rico Phone Cards¢ 1.08
USA - Alaska Phone Cards¢ 2.50
USA - Continental Phone Cards¢ 0.80
USA - Hawaii Phone Cards¢ 1.38
South America
Argentina Phone Cards¢ 1.18
Bolivia Phone Cards¢ 5.98
Brazil Phone Cards¢ 1.28
Chile Phone Cards¢ 1.28
Colombia Phone Cards¢ 2.58
Ecuador Phone Cards¢ 8.18
Paraguay Phone Cards¢ 3.58
Peru Phone Cards¢ 1.28
Uruguay Phone Cards¢ 4.98
Venezuela Phone Cards¢ 2.08
Armenia Phone Cards¢ 8.80
Azerbaijan Phone Cards¢ 16.50
Georgia Phone Cards¢ 9.00
China Phone Cards¢ 0.94
India - Bombay Phone Cards¢ 1.98
Iraq - Baghdad Phone Cards¢ 2.73
Israel Phone Cards¢ 1.00
Kazakhstan Phone Cards¢ 1.48
Kyrgyzstan Phone Cards¢ 8.18
Korea North Phone Cards¢ 44.70
Korea South Phone Cards¢ 1.08
Phone Cards¢
Malaysia Phone Cards¢ 0.78
Pakistan Phone Cards¢ 3.00
Philippines Phone Cards¢ 9.90
Taiwan Phone Cards¢ 1.08
Turkey Phone Cards¢ 1.87
Uzbekistan Phone Cards¢ 4.29
Vietnam Phone Cards¢ 4.30
Algeria Phone Cards¢ 5.48
Cameroon Phone Cards¢ 10.18
Egypt Phone Cards¢ 7.00
Ethiopia Phone Cards¢ 17.33
Ghana Phone Cards¢ 17.58
Kenya Phone Cards¢ 6.58
Liberia Phone Cards¢ 16.00
Libya Phone Cards¢ 17.88
Mauritius Phone Cards¢ 12.94
Morocco Phone Cards¢ 1.80
Nigeria Phone Cards¢ 6.66
Senegal Phone Cards¢ 21.04
South Africa Phone Cards¢ 2.50
Australia Phone Cards¢ 1.28
New Zealand Phone Cards¢ 1.38

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